December Specials

Hello Friends.!! Here are some of our Month of December Sale Started from Dec 1st  to Dec 31st    ..Visit Us Carrolltown Liquors or Call Us @410-795-6900 for more sales.


Wine Deal for Month

90+ Wines Core Products MIX and Match Any 2 for $15.99

Liquor Deal for Month

Smirnoff 1.75L ——————————————$17.99

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 1.75L ————–$21.99


Wines———————————————————-Sale Price

Meiomi Pinot Noir (750ML)———————————–$15.99

Josh Cabernet Reserve (750ML) —————————–$15.99

Apothic Inferno (750ML) ————————————–$13.99

Josh Cab Sauv (750ML) —————————————-$12.99

Carnivor Cab Sauv (750ML) ———————————–$11.99

Woodbridge Wines (1.5L) ————————————–$8.99

Bota Box Wines (3L) ——————————————–$16.99

Lamarca Proseco (750ML) ————————————-$12.99

Starborough Sauv Blanc (750ML)—————————-$10.99

Bogle Essential Red (750ML) ———————————$9.99

7 Moons Red Blend (750ML) ———————————-$8.99

Barefoot Bubbly (750ML) —————————————$8.99

Menage a Troi Wines (750ML) ——————————–$8.99


Liquor———————————————————–Sale Price

Johnnie Walker Black Label (1.75L) ————————-$63.99

Jim Beam White (1.75L) ————————————–$25.99

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum (1.75L) ———————–$21.99

Malibu Coconut Rum (1.75L) ——————————–$19.99

Smirnoff Vodka (1.75L) —————————————-$17.99

Bailey’s Irish Cream (750ML) ———————————$17.99

Rum Chata (750ML) ——————————————–$16.99

Kahlua (750ML) ————————————————–$15.99

Malibu Coconut Rum (750ML) ———————————$11.99