Club Member Specials

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Hello Friends.!! Here are some of our Club Members Special Pricing  Started from Dec 1st to Dec 31st   ..Visit Us Carrolltown Liquors or Call Us @410-795-6900 for more sales.


Liquor ————————————————Club Saving’s Price

Jamseon Irish Whiskey (1.75L) ——————————$44.99

Tanquery Gin (1.75L) —————————————–$36.99

Glenlivet 12Year (750ML) ————————————$41.99

Jose Cuervo Tequila (1.75L) ———————————-$29.99

Hendricks Gin (750ML) —————————————$27.99

Fireball (1.75L) ————————————————-$25.99

Crown Royal (750ML) —————————————–$23.99

Jameson Irish Whiskey (750ML) —————————–$22.99

Jack Daniels (750ML) ——————————————$19.99

Svedka Vodka (1.75L) ——————————————-$16.99

Absolute Vodka (750ML) —————————————-$16.99

Jim Beam White (750ML) —————————————$14.99

Grey Goose Vodka (375ML) ————————————-$12.99



Wines ————————————————-Club Saving’s Price

Tangly Oak Pinot Noir (750ML) ——————————–$16.99

Korbel Champagnes (750ML) ———————————-$13.99

Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc (750ML) —————————–$12.99

Wente Cab and Merlot (750ML) ——————————–$12.99

Spellbound Petit Syrah (750ML) ——————————–$11.99

Wente Chard (750ML) ——————————————–$11.99

Kim Crawford Sauv Blanc (750ML) ——————————$10.99

Ruffino Proseco and Rose (750ML) —————————–$10.99

Robert Mond Bourbon Cab & Chard (750ML) —————–$9.99

Roscato (750ML) —————————————————$9.99

Cupcake Mosacto Di’ Asti (750ML) ——————————$9.99

Cupcake Proseco (750ML) —————————————-$9.99

Cupcake Red Velvet (750ML) ————————————$8.99

Mark West Wines (750ML) —————————————$8.99

Kung Fu Girl Riesling (750ML) ———————————-$8.99

Cigar Box Malbec (750ML) ————————————–$8.99

Paxis Red Blend (750ML) —————————————$7.99





Beer ————————————————Club Saving’s Price

Mike’s Hard Variety and Lemonade 12 Pack —————–$15.49

Strongbow Cider 12Pack —————————————-$14.99

Bud/ Bud Lt 18 Pack Bottles ————————————$13.99

Victory 6 Pack —————————————————–$11.99

Petrus Sour Quad 750ML —————————————-$12.99

Petrus Aged Red 750ML —————————————–$10.99

Petrus Oud Bruin 750ML —————————————–$8.99

Rogue 750ML —————————————————–$11.99