Club Member Specials

Hello Friends.!! Here are some of our Club Members Special Pricing  Started from April 1st to April 30th ..Visit Us Carrolltown Liquors or Call Us @410-795-6900 for more sales.


Liquor ————————————————Club Saving’s Price

Jameson Irish Whiskey (1.75L) —————————$43.99

Glenlivet 12Yr (750ML) ————————————$43.99

Glenmorangie 10Yr (750ML) ——————————$42.99

Bulleit Bourbon (1.75L) ————————————-$38.99

Absolute Vodka (1.75L) ————————————-$27.99

Grey Goose Vodka (750ML) ——————————–$25.99

Evan Williams Whiskey (750ML) ————————–$11.99



Wines ———————————————-Club Saving’s Price

ALL Bota Box Wines (3L) ———————————-$16.99

1000 Stories Bourbon Red & Petit Syrah (750ML——–$15.99

Cloud 9 Pinot Noir (750ML) ——————————-$14.99

Bartenura Moscato (750ML) ——————————-$12.99

Robert Mond Bourbon Cab and Chard (750ML) ———$12.99

Boordy Wines (750ML) ————————————–$12.99

Spellbound Petit Syrah (750ML) —————————-$11.99

Castoro Cellars Chard (750ML) ——————————$11.99

Monkey Bay Sauv Blanc (1.5L) ——————————-$11.99

Mud House Sauv Blanc (750ML) —————————-$10.99

Menage a Trois (750ML) ————————————-$10.99

(Decadence, Midnight Red & Red Silk)

Menage a Trois (750ML) ————————————–$8.99

(Red, Gold Chard, White and Pinot Grigio)

Blood Orange Reserve Rose (750ML) ———————-$10.49

The Velvet Devil Merlot (750ML) —————————$9.99

Ravage Cab and Red Blend (750ML) ———————–$9.99

Mark West Pinot Noir (750ML) —————————–$8.99


Beer ——————————————————-Sale Price

Stella 18PK Bottlle —————————————–$19.99

Bud Lt Lime / Platinum 18PK —————————-$13.99

Michelob Ultra 18PK ————————————–$13.99

Shock Top Belgian White & Lemon 18PK —————$12.99

National Bohemian 12PK Bottle ————————–$9.49

National Bohemian 12PK Can —————————-$8.49