April Beer Sale

Hello Friends.!! Here are some of our Month of April Sale Started from April 1st  to April 30th ..Visit Us Carrolltown Liquors or Call Us @410-795-6900 for more sales


Come and Check Our Mix and Match Single Craft Beers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discounts for Mix and Match:

12oz Beers 4 or more—————————————–10% OFF

22oz or 750ML Mix and Match 3Beers ——————–15% OFF

22oz or 750ML Mix and Match 6Beers ——————–20% OFF

Check us out for great collection of Craft Beers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL 30 Packs  SALE Price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



BEER —————————————————SALE PRICE

Truly Variety 12Pack ——————————————–$15.99

Truly 6Pack ————————————————2 For $15.99

Victory 6PK ——————————————————-$11.99

Two Roads Variety 12Pack ————————————-$17.99

Two Roads Two Juicy 4PK ————————————-$14.99

Two Roads Persian & Passion Gose 4PK ———————$12.49

Two Roads Bergamon 6PK ————————————–$11.99

Two Roads Road To Ruin 4PK ———————————$10.99

Oliver’s ALL 6PK ————————————————–$9.99

Oliver’s Hot Monkey Love 4PK ———————————-$14.99

3Stars ALL 6PK —————————————————-$9.99

DC Brau ALL 6PK ————————————————-$10.99

ACE Ciders Variety 12Pack ————————————–$18.99

ACE Space Cider 6PK ———————————————$11.49

ACE Pineapple Cider 6PK —————————————-$10.99

ACE Pear Cider 6PK ———————————————–$9.99

Magic Hat Barroom Hero 4PK ———————————–$8.99

Mikes Hard 24oz Cans ————————————-2 For $4.99

Bud Lt Rita 24oz Cans ————————————-2 For $5.99

Bud/ Bud LT 18 PK Cans ——————————–2 For $25.99

Natural Light/ Ice 18 PK Cans ————————–2 For $18.99

Busch Reg/ Light 18 PK Cans —————————2 For $19.99